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because they say welcome to the fantastic world.

and quitting it, never. because we're all still alive.

4/2/10 05:27 pm - not leaving.

alee, one of the staff at ibigbang, had an April Fool's joke on us and dear goodness, i totally fell for it.

i mean, i really should have known/ realised .. but. i was just overly consumed with shock and dread and crazy thoughts that BB isnt going to be e same with only four members. yes, her joke was that one of e members was leaving the group to pursue his newfound passion that is acting. and who else would that be? TOP of course. lol.

but i cant bliv i feel for it ! ! i mean, as one of e commentors said, "TOP loves his music, his dongsaengs, and his VIPs too much to ever leave." which made me go T___T and kinda, dang! really should have more faith in him, in any of them for that matter. but sometimes u just never know right? anything can happen. but pls pls pls. may BB be for forever. i mean, they're already having their freedom to do their own things, which is real smart of YG if u ask me, coz after everything else, they can still come back together as a fivesome and do their thing as Big Bang.

Daesung also mentioned in one of the segments for that string of interviews they did called Star Confession/ Diary? that he'll never leave BB and that e five of them are real tight to even think of leaving. real love there yo! :')



3/11/10 01:31 pm - yippee!


2/24/10 02:02 pm - say base.

which is why we love them for their music.Collapse )

hwaiting to good music! no genre, just music <33
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2/24/10 12:30 pm - lvoe speak.

omg just chanced upon this vid and its winsome to e max!!!!
e boys speaking english is always cute. and GD makes nerd look way hot. and Bae's voice is so deep and nicee. i wish e other three would learn to speak english too. e way GD says byebye at e end is just -squee-

the girls did it too!Collapse )

out !

2/24/10 11:47 am - when i turned 22.

from vip translators.
bcoz i just freaking realised gg thru e old posts (isnt it nice to just go thru old stuffs? XP) that this very me2day update by GD was on my freaking bdae. what a treat! but i should have realised it then or sth. coz it would hv been so much sweeter. oh wells! i rmbr too gooddaymoderato (bless u wherever u are girl!) made a bdae banner for me using this photo. *gasp* isit coz u knew then??? dang. im sucha noob.

2/20/10 05:11 pm - part II.

can i just say that this makes me highly excited for e full CF?

first things first, that CHILLY look GD had in his eyes in e beginning with that super high and mighty ~two thousand and ten, Big Bang~ is just maddening can. i thought he so rocked it! coupled with that lil tilt in e head. kills. and as someone on YT pointed out, its a freaking mask he's having on his head. which i think only makes his whole attire more gorgeous. as tho e boy's not already gorgeous. because i think his image for this cf's one of his best so far. everything seems to match well together; i mean, that shade of purple is smexy on him and that two toned jeans and all that crazy badges. wants. a-and, e styled hair. bias much? xP

YB looks pretty tired tho :( and somewhat off. maybe he's sick? altho i like seeing that familiar cap on him ^^ (think Breathe? ^^) Dae is to me, always dependable and reliable. thats what i like about him being in BB. e others may falter, but not our smiling angel.

and then Baby; oh gosh, this guy's earnestness always gets to me. in a good way of course xP i'll show u how. see 3:25 first. u can see him already getting e groove into his body. and then WHAM, 3:27. killer moves or what ! ! i swear i was tickled every ounce of me. and then back to 3:29, back to normal- zone. replaying it, ive a feeling e editor of this clip wanted this effect. because AGAIN, 3:33 is just e ultimate. rmbr, u're supposed to be looking at Baby here. and i swear its worth it. LOL.

and can i just say how i lo-oove e TOP in this? for one, that hairstyle, albeit not e newest on him (kinda a throwback to Haru Haru days) is actually refreshing?? maybe we were i was simply keen for floppy to go idk. lol. i mean he could work it (floppy) darn good while it lasted, no denying there (My Heaven, Iris, LMHYV), but i guess this crop on him suits him best. or maybe its just sth bt him in (both e) Lollipop clips. i enjoyed Tabi most (lol sounds so wrong) for Lollipop 1 and this time, even tho i can barely take my eyes off GD >.<, TOP was def cooking up some heat for me, again. (cooking up some heat?? wtheck Lii!) hahahaha.

and can u ever get the chorus outta ur head???
if u cant, u're in my boat. :D
i even wake up to this part of e song can u bliv it. and TOP leading e chorus, again, is love. :D

and e choreo for e chorus is to me, e sexiest thing ever. i think GD does it best. and it isnt me being biased really. it's just in e way he moves his hips; subtle, but surely. oh god, whats wrong with me?? kekeke. altho seeing Tabi dance always warms my heart, no kidding. like -squeeee-

another fav part of mine is e bridge? i guess thats what its called uh. but in e clip, its when they're all facing to the back and then GD turns around and comes forward, alone. first. with that crazy sexy hand and feet thingy. and then e rest turn to do e same moves he did. see 4:49. adorkable funny faces he's making is winz. 4:58 too. dies.

can i say too that e freestyle part towards e end is so fun to watch?? i love freestyle, or at least watching people freestyle lol. e way they do it in Breathe. nicee. but here, starting 5:05, its gawky geeky BB love ^^ am not much of a G-Ri shipper, but when both GD and Baby started e chorus moves together at e same time, at 5:21, i was like -awwwh- hahahaa. def precious for sure! xP

overall, spazz worthy :D
been long since ive spazzed too. or 'properly' at least. lol. and what a release.

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2/18/10 03:44 pm - finally know what to chant along.

from sg_bigbang.


and for my own keepsake here:
new mailing addressCollapse )

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2/18/10 03:32 pm - 13.

Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

and i realise i can still get to e other parts via e link. so will be stopping here lol.

2/18/10 03:29 pm - 14.

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heard of any 'scandals'?

2/18/10 03:27 pm - final part.

i know there are like 15 parts in all? but imma just keep them here for keepsake.

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